The only thing between the ideas for new products and services and their realisation is a set of steps. The existing environment often pushes us more and more into execution with very limited planning. The result is that far too often the feasibility of a project is validated only by the project manager or just a few key stakeholders.

It is not uncommon to finish a project but be over your deadline or over your budget, or to have a dissatisfied client or a miserable team. To keep your project from ending up in this gray area, you must escape the critical project management mistake: inadequate project definition and planning.

Roadmapping allows you to verify the viability of a project and lets you make an accurate decision about the next steps, or to find another path to your goal.

You will learn about the particular needs of your stakeholders. The roadmap will help them to determine what’s important (and what can be shelved). You will get a personalised prescription that shows you how to get to the finish line better, faster and more reliably.

Roadmapping helps you to define your exact requirements by asking the right questions. During the exercise, an analyst will help you to discover your real needs and to determine the crucial steps you need to take. We will deliver a roadmap that identifies the data necessary for your project. Usually, together with the client, we look at three main aspects:

Depending on your goals, you may be interested in using email marketing, social media or paid acquisition strategies.
How does your web site or mobile app perform against user habits and expectations? Not only do we focus on functional aspects, but also audience fit and the voice of your users.
How do all the previous steps impact your bottom line? This is the final step that presents the most important business recommendations to owners and project managers.

Excercising roadmapping brings a lot of value to all apsects of the project even before it begins. For a limited investment you can have a positive influence over technical, managerial and financial factors.

It will assist your end users and business owners to understand the technology,
You will achieve better estimates and clearer scope of work,
It will eliminate compromises and the big idea will not get lost in execution,
The majority of stakeholders will be able to agree on a specific approach before launch,
Risks will be decreased by tackling the tough decisions before your budget is burned up.
You will achieve better estimates and clearer scope of work,
Challenging project details will become clearly visible,
Your team will be coordinated for the jobs to be done and you will have a better idea how to assign responsibilities,
Roadmapping itself carries no risk. This is a conceptual exercise,
It will drastically improve the success ratio of your projects.
With a clearer picture of your requirements, your budget and estimates will be far more realistic. This will allow you to secure appropriate funding early on,
Some objectives may exceed your budget. We help you to define the necessary steps to achieve your end goal (the path of least resistance).
Minimal investment compared to the cost of bad decisions, project delays, unforeseen requirements in the project lifetime.
If the roadmap brings clarity to the investment process, it has fulfilled its purpose.
We set the pace
and break the limits

Roadmapping enables your big ideas to succeed, which requires pinpointing the most important risks and weak points of a project. Before you invest in a product, we can validate it and make sure it is ready not just for development, but more importantly adaptable to the market.

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