Tracking Audit
What is it?

Over time, the knowledge of what is being tracked, the meaning of metrics and their impact is gradually lost. It is not uncommon to find an implementation without any useful documentation. Sometimes tracking implementations are done only once, whereas other changes to a web site or app happen constantly, rendering tracking methods obsolete. This often results in faulty or missing data, but more importantly, this degrades trust in analytics in general.

Audit Process Defined
Step by step.

In an analytics audit, we verify that the data required is appropriately tracked and presented to your business users. We check your current tracking requirements against what is really being tracked. We also look for functional errors like duplicate tracking or a missing tracking code. Usually, together with the client, we undertake three main steps:

First, we define what information you want to track for your sites, either confirming this with your team or using an existing solution design reference.
Using that knowledge, a technical analyst will test your web site and app tracking code, making sure that the data is processed appropriately. Each gap will be identified.
We present the findings from the audit to you. We list all the errors detected, their impact and our recommended action. This document can be forwarded to your analytics team, or you can ask one of our specialists to correct your implementation (for an additional charge).

Single audit can uncover years of misaligned tracking methods and data processing. A regular process will ensure that all of the benefits are provided on an ongoing basis.

We conduct over 100 checks to ensure that you have the highest degree of confidence in your data,
Our recommendations and best practices come from specialists in the field.
Using our specialists, you save time and money and guarantee the accuracy of your data,
The financial impact of any missing or misleading data is reduced,
You reduce the waste due to decisions being made on faulty data.
The audit will help to validate the credibility of your tracking methods,
You will get an outside perspective on the tracking methods being used,
We provide a clear list of errors with recommendations and gaps in your current solution,
The audit itself carries no risk. No changes are made without your express agreement,
If our audit brings issues to your attention, it has fulfilled its purpose.
We set the pace
and break the limits

The audit will show you the particular needs of your stakeholders and it will help them to determine what’s important. We deliver a personalised prescription that shows your team precisely how they can improve your analytics set-up.

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