Why invest in analytics?

With the multitude of platforms, apps and marketing channels the challenge is now on establishing what are the important metrics, mapping the cross-channel user journey and understanding the data itself by your team and supervisors. Companies nowadays either have very little data or are swamped with it. What is missing, are the actionable findings.

Sagefiber implements and uses state of the art technologies that accelerate your organization ability to learn and adapt to ever-changing digital landscape and user behaviors. We bring solutions that capture the movement of your online traffic, their profile, motivations and provide you with data-supported recommendations for improvement.


Definition of KPIs is done in consultation with experienced analysts, which help you navigate and choose the metrics appropriate for your business.


Using tag management systems, we’re independent of your IT team. This allows us to edit your tracking pixels in a matter of seconds.

Analytics Audit


To ensure that we still collect valid information there must be a set of processes, alerts and early warning systems. These solutions will ensure that the data collected is always ready to use.


Reporting and visualizations are always designed to reflect your organizational needs in terms of reported KPIs, format and frequency.

Understanding you online presence
In addition to web/app analytics, we also offer channel specific services like Social Media Analytics, SEO/SEM Analytics, Newsletter Analytics, Online Advertising Analytics.
High Level Expertise
With our experience and standard operating procedures we bring confidence in solution and data being collected.
Auditing Capabilities
With analytics outsourced to external company, you can make sure that they also audit actions of your platform owner, your marketing agency and any other 3rd parties involved in the project.
With our support we make sure that the data collected is compliant with regulations (i.e. GDPR).
We're also ensuring that the information being processed is set with standards and validation in place. Another layer is providing access to data dependant on the needs and permission levels.
Frequently Asked Questions

With proper analytics setup, you will finally be able to answer questions like:

  • What level of user retention does our website have?
  • Which channels bring conversions? Which channels assist in conversions?
  • How long does it take before user converts?
  • How many interactions are there before a conversion?
  • Who are the most valuable users?
  • Which pages require improvement?
We map your business and its online processes and define which metrics would bring a comprehensive overview. A common understanding of goal definitions and the ways to achieve them helps bring everybody on board.
Rather than building a perfect plan for the future, we appreciate starting quickly, learning quickly and improving quickly. This allows you to use data immediately but also reacting to constantly changing business environment.
Enterprise Friendly
After years of working in the digital area with worldwide
recognized brands we understand what standards, processes and
services are desired. This experience saves time and facilitates agile development.
Relationship Based
Along our way we helped companies grow their sales, help establish lead generation and most of all improve their
content marketing efforts. This is an ongoing commitment to be there for you every step of the way. Advising on strategies, tactics and best practices.
We set the pace
and break the limits

On the fast-changing market of vast competition we are the ones you can rely on. Empowering constant innovation, we help you to achieve new heights and reach your customers easier than ever.

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