How we keep your data safe.

Since our clients trust us with their potentially business critical data, we take every measure to secure it against any intrusion or leak. We have different levels of security management customised to specific requirements.

Terminal Security
Our computers run best-of-the-class antivirus, antimalware and firewall software. We scan for potential intrusions every day.
Every potential threat is escalated, categorised and resolved to improve security processes and tools.

We also review on a regular basis all the other security measures and data processes to ensure protection and compliance.

Data Level Classification
Not all data is confidential or could be harmful to the company if compromised. We recognise different levels of data, so we work with appropriate measures, aligning security measures to the associated risk.
Secure Connection
Using our own software, we connect to your site and other sites with a remote tunnel that’s used only for the duration of the connection. This reduces the opportunities for any third party to identify and interfere with transmissions.
Access Control Security
a. We require a double sign-in to our accounts, which ensures the highest level of credibility.
b. We use strong passwords, which are changed regularly.
c. We grant the minimum required access. Access rights are given to our staff only to allow them to accomplish their tasks, minimising the risk and any impact of a breach.

All the access rights are given only for the necessary time and are reviewed regularily.

Data Storage
All the deliverables created for clients’ projects are stored in a secure cloud based in Switzerland. The platform follows zero-knowledge encryption and provides a DRM solution. This means that:
a. Your data is secured in a neutral location.
b. Your data cannot be read by an unauthorised party.
c. If an account is hijacked, its access can be disabled instantly.
d. Even the server administrator cannot read your encrypted files.
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